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Big publishing, like Hollywood, is primarily concerned with return on investment. Nothing wrong with that. People want to be entertained, escape for a little while from all that ails them. Sex and violence sell big. So do romance and action thrillers. The corporate world knows how to tap into the market of stereotypical characters, clichés, surface thrills and predictable outcomes.

But what if you could have sex and violence, romance and action, and a little depth added to the mix? The primary goal of most small independent publishers of fiction is quality writing, not return on investment. Doesn’t make us better or worse, just different. It’s the independence factor in small publishers like Spinning World Press that allow us to offer books to the public that entertain while also challenging us to expand our understanding of ourselves and our relationship to others and the often chaotic and conflicted world we share.

Reading the first sentence of a novel is the beginning of an adventure, or at least it should be. Why not discover something new along the way? Why settle for bad writing that keeps you slipping and sliding over the surface of things when there are deeper more interesting places to go? Good fiction gets you inside the persons, places and things you are reading about in ways you may find surprising.

Quality writing that is both entertaining and thought-provoking often gets overlooked by publishers that are more concerned with securing the bottom line than with writing that stirs the mind and heart. That’s where small independent publishers like Spinning World Press come in. Unique, high quality writing is available to everyone, though it’s not everyone’s first choice. If quality fiction matters to you, give our books a look.

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