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Mr. Galaxy’s Unfinished Dream

When his beloved Callie is whisked away to Paris for two weeks by her wealthy mother and sister—before the newlyweds have settled into their new life together—Lucas is overcome with foreboding.

Into the breach steps Marla, a cheerful middle-aged coworker and divorcee with a mysterious past. What at first appears to be a harmless affinity evolves into a complicated relationship that produces grave consequences.

Desperate to save his marriage, Lucas embarks on an odyssey that takes him across real and imagined borders—both at home and abroad—where the lines between reality and dream, and belief and unbelief, are often blurred.

Along the way the young husband and father crosses paths with a host of incongruous figures, among them Angel the night wanderer, Bear the psychopath and his inscrutable wife, Artemis, and an unlikely prophet who reveals to Lucas the high cost of love.


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